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All Organic Treasures社は、オーガニックへの需要の高まりをきっかけに、みなさまの食事をより健康的にしたいという思いからはじまりました。この考えは設立者Hans-Martin Breisingerによるもので、今日の企業理念、企業文化の礎でもあります。 そのひとつとして、原料となる植物からオイルとなるプロセスの透明性の高さが上げられます。生産プロセスは、有機農業やそこから得られる原料の公正な価格での取引が基盤となっています。サプライヤーや加工業者、そしてカスタマーとともに、 All Organic Treasures社は、持続可能で最高品質の製品をお届けできるよう努めています。


社名 All Organic Treasures GmbH
事業内容 オーガニックオ油脂、プロテイン製品の貿易
住所 Heisingerstr. 45, 87437 Kempten, Germany
設立 Family enterprise, established 2003 by Hans-Martin Breisinger
CEO Fabian Breisinger, since 2011
オーガニック認証 EU Organic, Demeter, Kosher, ISO 9001:2008, JAS, Bio Suisse
Certifiying Body DE-ÖKO-005, EG Controll-Nr D-BY-M-005-33570-BCD
取引団体 AÖL, BDIH, Bio Ring Allgäu e.V.,


2003 Hans-Martin Breisingerにより設立
2005 市場へパイオニアとしてオーガニックザクロオイルを紹介
2007 オーガニックコメヌカオイルの開発
2011 Fabian Breisingerが経営管理へ
2011 CO2抽出のエキスパートとパートナー提携
2012 Kemptenへ倉庫を移転
2013 オフィス機能を倉庫のあるHeisinger Str. 45.へ移転
2014 市場へヒマワリたんぱく質Heliaflorを紹介


All Organic Treasures has its origins in the organic movement of southern Bavaria. It is our goal to enrich the natural cosmetics and food markets with vegetable oils from organic agriculture.


Our family business is fully devoted to the richness of vegetable oils. That is why we don’t only trade with oils, we produce them and accompany them from cultivation of the plants to delivery to our customers. We provide the materials for natural and organic cosmetics of the highest quality.

The team of family enterprise All Organic Treasures © All Organic Treasures

Besides vegetable oils we also produce additonal organic raw materials like lecithin and plant proteins for natural food. To expand the opportunities for producers of natural cosmetics and food we are constantly developing new products that offer new technical options.


We provide a wide selection of base and active ingredient oils to producers of natural cosmetics. Our oils are certified organic and COSMOS and are therefore in accordance with the guidelines of certified organic cosmetics.

The selection of oils from All Organic Treasures contains over 100 different organic vegetable oils and ranges from apricot kernel oil over lemon and pomegranate oil to sesame oil. We offer small packaging (from 4.5kg) as well as barrels and IBCs. Small producers of cosmetics and spas especially appreciate our service and small packaging options.


Sustainability is part of our daily business. Concepts like avoiding unnecessary transport distances, reducing printing paper and our employees’ health are not just sustainability measures, they are part of our mode of operation. One example is Christmas post. To save resources we refrain from sending presents and send Christmas wishes via email instead. Then we give the saved money to charitable organizations in our regions.

We put special emphasis on long-term supplier relationships and optimizing quality. An example here would be a supplier of pomegranate kernels from Turkey that we have been working with since 2005. Together we constantly improve the quality of the raw material to ensure long-term availability of the products.

To actively shape the organic industry we are active in the AÖL. Fabian Breisinger, CEO of All Organic Treasures is a member of the managing committee of the association of organic producers.